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If you find yourself with the following symptoms: Inability to blink, intense fear of statues, an obsessive-compulsive need to count shadows and/or randomly finding yourself covered in tally marks, then congratulations, you need a Doctor. I'm Spilly, ( yes it's a nickname, and a very appropriate one ) I'm 19, a Christian, and I post things that make me giggle. More in my "about me" thing. Which is inside the TARDIS. Also, I'm SuperBatWhoLocked.

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Gif challenge 

Too many gifs, too much time…
( Sorry they aren’t Doctor Who, I just need to use all these gifs I have collected for SOMETHING. So yeah. lol )

Use every 7th gif

how you’re feeling today:

your love life:

what you have been doing today:

your relationship with your friends:

your relationship with your parents:

your relationship with your siblings:

your relationship with the rest of your family:

when people first meet you they think:

when you’re alone:

you when you’re hungry:

your feelings when you’re tired:

your feelings on the world:

your feelings towards work:

your feelings towards school:

your feelings on summer break:

your reaction to your first sunburn:

your feelings on your personal style:

your feelings on your favorite fandom:

you when you learned to drive:

your feelings toward someone who doesn’t like your fandom:

you listening to your favorite song:

you at your first job:

you getting fired from your fist job:

you when you graduated from highschool:

how you act when you see someone attractive:

you when asked to dance:

you when someone asks you out:

your reaction to your first break up:

your feelings when trying to pick a college:

your reaction to graduating from college:

if you were to propose to your boyfriend/girlfriend their reaction would be:

your feelings if you won the lottery:

what a potential employer would think of you:

you on your wedding day:

you on your wedding night:

your reaction to your in-laws:

your reaction to finding out you’re pregnant:

your children:

your children’s reaction to you:

your reaction to changing diapers:

your reaction to trying to potty train your children:

your feelings when your child starts dating:

your feelings on having grandchildren:

you when you’re old and decrepit:

your reaction to living in a rest home:

people at your funeral:

your reaction to ending up in heaven or hell:

your reaction to finding out that the world was going to end:

what you would do in attempt to save it:

your best attack move:

your reaction to being assaulted:

what you do on a rainy day:

your best friend:

And finally this is you:

I swear I never cheated. XD 

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